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August 10, 2017
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Our Favorite Indonesian Island


Did you know that the island of Flores is the birthplace of Zen Paradise’s pebble collection in Indonesia? It began with locals hand-collecting the most perfect blue, white, pink, and green pebbles from the beach and bringing them to Bali in bags.

But even aside from our strong affection for it’s pebbles, it also is our favorite island for many reasons. here are the top 3 reasons we love Flores:

KOMODO DRAGONS: It is home to the 6-foot Komodo Dragon with its deadly saliva; the only other place this impressive creature inhabits in all of Indonesia is Komodo National Park (a collection of four islands: Komodo, Rinca, Gili Montang, and Gili Dasami).

THE PEOPLE: It is home of possibly the oldest human remains and still has many ancestors of these very small humans.

OCEAN DIVING: It is beautiful and untouched by the outside world, featuring some of the best diving and exotic animals that exist.

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Komodo Dragon


The kind people


The exquisite diving


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