What makes our tiles a green building material?

We understand that our tiles are gifts from the ocean and land of Indonesia. At Zen Paradise, a successful business means good stewardship of the environment, fair labor standards for our team, and tiles that are designed for easy maintenance and lifetime satisfaction.


Our pebbles are rapidly and naturally renewable. Though it takes thousands of years for rocks to erode into perfectly shaped, smooth pebbles, new harvests of pebbles literally come in with the tide each day. Pebbles of every color are naturally created by the unique and varied geologic history of the islands. If we use other materials, we ensure that they are a resource of abundant natural supply, such as pumice and sandstone.


Other Zen Paradise products, such as the Mosaic collection, are made from “quarry seconds” that we purchase after mining companies cut large slabs of rock from quarry walls. We re-use this material that would otherwise become waste. All tiles are boxed in cardboard that is easily recycled. We even use our extra pallets to make furniture for our offices and homes. In each case, we recycle wherever possible.


Before the tiles leave the factory, they go through a strict internal quality control process ensure they are built to last wherever they are used next. Each order is then re-inspected by our American partner living in Sanur, Indonesia, who then personally oversees the integrity and efficiency of each tile packing, delivery, and shipment.

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