Frequently Asked Questions

Are all of your mosaics made from natural stone?

All Zen Paradise mosaic tiles are made with hand crafted, natural stone. These stones include: onyx, marble, basalt, slate and travertine.

Do you need to seal Zen Paradise natural stone mosaic tiles?

Yes, you should seal all Zen Paradise Tiles before and after installation and every six months after installation.

How do you clean natural stone mosaics from Zen Paradise?

Use a mild cleanser such as simple green. Do not use bleach as it will compromise the sealer and affect the stone.

Are pebble tiles hard on your feet?

No, the sliced pebbles have a completely flat surface, while the natural pebbles are equal elevations and have a gentle massaging effect on your feet.

Can pebble tiles be used outdoors?

Yes, they were created in nature by nature.

Can pebble tiles be used in wet environments or pools?

Yes, the pebbles were shaped by water and are ideal for wet environments such as shower walls and floors, water features, and pools tile.

What type of grout is used with pebble tiles?

You want to use sanded grout for pebble tiles due to the uneven grout lines and spaces.

Do I need to use a sealer on these tiles?

Yes, these are natural stone mosaic tiles that need to be sealed for protection over time. The finish of the sealer is up to you, but we always suggest a penetrating stone sealer.

Are the color of the pebbles always the same color as a picture on the internet or a sample card?

They may not be the exact color of an image or sample, but they should be very close as all of the pebbles have a narrow range of color shades. Remember that these are natural stones/pebbles.

How are the pebbles made?

These tiles are hand crafted from pebbles that are hand harvested from beaches throughout Indonesia. Different islands tend to have different colored pebbles. For example, white pebbles are found on the island of Timor.

Are these pebble tiles created in an environmental friendly process?

Yes, the environment is a concern throughout the tile-building process. The pebbles are collected or harvested by hand from beaches throughout Indonesia. Only pebbles with the best qualities are hand-picked. These beaches naturally replenish the stones after storms or large wave periods.

Are they easy to install?

Yes, they install similarly to other tiles. Please refer to the installation page for greater detail on installation.

Are pebble tiles hard to clean?

Pebble tiles are no harder to clean than any other tile. The best method is to use simple green and a clean dry cloth.

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