We stand out from the competition with our devotion to quality.

Our pebble tile mosaics, natural stone tiles, and mosaic tiles are made from hand-collected and hand-carried stones from several tropical locations throughout the Indonesian archipelago.



Before the tiles leave the factory, they go through a strict internal quality control process to ensure they are built to last wherever they are used. Each order is then re-inspected by our American partner living in Sanur, Indonesia, who then personally oversees the integrity and efficiency of each tile packing, delivery, and shipment.


Large rocks tumble in deep offshore ocean channels and then wash up as pebbles on the beaches when high tides and large waves occur. The color of every pebble is natural and hand picked by our team. Our mosaic stones are made in a similar way; we collect the excess waste material that is created by others slicing large slabs of stone from quarries. This hands-on harvesting process is important to us, not just for guaranteeing beautiful tile, but also for assuring minimal environmental impact.


In our Indonesian factory, each stone is separated by color, size, shape, and quality. Some are sliced into different shapes and tumbled. All are assembled into unique Zen Paradise designs and adhered to a mesh backing by hand. Our team ensures that the type of stones and pebbles used are only of the purest color, consistency, and style.

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