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Large Format (XL) Wave Tile

It's here! Large Format Wave Tile

You're are going to love this. Our popular wave tile design just got even bigger! Our clients have been asking for a tile particularly designed for use in large spaces, and we thrilled to say - it's here! Large Format (XL) Wave Tiles are created by slicing flat Indonesia's largest, most naturally beautiful pebbles. These XL tiles measure 12" x 12" in size, compared to our regular 11.5" x 11.5" Wave Tiles. And with seven neutral palettes to choose from, there are sure to go with any setting. Take a look!

We interviewed our founder and Product Developer, Dave Marchetti, about Zen's newest product.

Why did Zen develop the XL Wave?

Dave: We developed this product to fulfill a need for use in larger spaces.

What need does it serve?

Dave: It provides ideal tiling for areas such as patios, walkways, larger interior spaces, and commercial locations.

What is the artistic appeal?

Dave: The XL Wave tile has an overall feeling of less texture and less busyness. It is ideal for larger spaces. You can also make out the individual stones, since they are 2.5" x 3” in diameter. The XL uses the same grade of stone as the ever-popular mini and regular wave tile.

Who could use this product?

Dave: - Landscape Architects and Designers - Residential Architects and Designers - DIY Home Owners - Commercial Designer and Builders

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