XL Honeycomb

Honeycomb pattern of beautiful natural stone.

Zen Paradise has manipulated our popular XL hexagon tiles into a larger elongated hexagon shape that can be used both vertically or horizontally for two completely different looks.  These elegant, hand crafted tiles are made of 100% natural stone.  Zen Paradise XL Honeycomb tiles add texture and natural beauty to any space. The larger individual hexagons allow this tile to be used in larger spaces than the regular honeycomb tile.
This elegant shape will transform any kitchen, bath or feature wall into a beautiful, bold design statement. 
Size: 10" x 14.5" tiles • Elevation: 3/8-1/2" • Pattern: interlocking • Finish: Matte Natural Stone • Materials: onyx, marble, basalt • Individual Tile Size: XL Honeycomb tiles are 3" x 4.75" • Weight: 5 lbs. average

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