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3 x 6 Subway Tile

Subway tile is classic, simple, but chic.

Zen Paradise has been working for three years to develop a hand-crafted natural stone subway tile. Well, after a few years of development, Zen Paradise has created a line of subway tiles like no other. First, they are made with beautiful natural materials such as marble and onyx. Second, these tiles are hand crafted. Zen Paradise subway tiles have an organic feel and are what we like to call perfectly imperfect. — White Marble, Light Grey Marble, Dark Grey Marble, Onyx, and Beach Mix.
Transform your kitchen, bath or feature wall into a beautiful, sleek, elegant statement. Subway tile can be installed in many different patterns from herringbone, step ladder, diagonal, stacked, crosshatch, vertical, or classic horizontal, the patterns are only limited by your imagination.
Size: 3" x 6" tiles • Elevation: 3/8" • Finish: Matte Natural Stone • Materials: onyx, marble, basalt • Weight: 4 lbs

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