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September 1, 2017
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Current Event: Volcanic Rumblings

Bali's Mt. Gunung Agung is on high alert!

Have you heard? The highest peak on Bali, an almost 10,000-ft stratovolcano called Gunung Agung, has people anxious. Earthquake activity beginning in late August on Bali has skyrocketed, leading to hundreds of earthquakes every day in the area, according to Indonesia’s Geological Agency. Bali governor I Made Mangku Pastika then declared the highest level of volcano alert on the island; over 100,000 people evacuated their homes amid the warnings. There’s been no eruption yet, but with steam still billowing from the top of Agung, all eyes are on the top of that mountain.

And for good reason. For a nation located on the geologically-active Pacific Ring-Of-Fire, they are familiar with the devastation of volcanoes. When Mount Agung last erupted in 1963, over 1,000 people died. Krakatoa, which erupted in August 1883, killed more than 36,000 people – making it the third most deadly in the world. Tambora, Indonesia, that ranks as the deadliest volcanic eruption in recorded history, killing an estimated 92,000 people in April 1816.

If you plan to go to Bali, or somewhere similar, here are some tips for traveling to a volcano danger zone.

For now, like Bali, we will wait and see – and hope it cools down.

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