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Bye Bye Plastic Bags

Join the Movement!

We spend a lot of time on the beaches of Indonesian islands hand-selecting our stones and pebbles. It’s a dream… except for the amount of trash and plastic we see wash up on shore. Indonesia is the world’s second highest plastic polluter of the ocean, behind China. It’s the ugly reality of a place blessed with such natural beauty. And it's not just an eyesore, it's also a threat to the marine ecosystem and the food sources that feeds millions of people.

The good news is this problem is getting a lot more attention.

Bye Bye Plastic Bags, a nonprofit organization led by youth in Bali to get their community to say no to plastic bags. Their social initiative has had great successes in educating people to take steps to make the ocean cleaner, both at home and around the world. Their goal is to have Bali plastic bag free by 2018!

Founders and sisters, Melati (15) and Isabel (13) Wijsen started Bye Bye Plastic Bags in 2013. In 4 years their team has: • Built a volunteer team of 25-30 students from all schools around Bali, local and international. • Completed over 400 beach clean ups. • Established Bye Bye Plastic Bag initiatives in Australia, Jakarta, Guadalajara, New York, Nepal, Myanmar, China, Singapore, and the Philippines. • Garnered international media attention

We want Zen Paradise want to be a part of the solution to making the beautiful beaches and oceans of Indonesia trash-free. As we say in our mission statement, Zen Paradise is committed to minimizing our impact on the environment and increasing long-term sustainability. One way we’ve chosen to do live out our values is to become a proud supporter of Bye Bye Plastic Bags.

And we want to highlight the youth of Bali doing incredible work for the environment and for the world and share their efforts with our Zen community.

You can also watch founders Melati and Isabel give a TedTalk about their organization.

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Join us! Donate to the cause and help bring pure paradise back to the beaches of Indonesia!

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